Happy Birthday, Singapore!

40 years ago on this day Singapore became an independent nation. As a pure coincidence, I’m here to join in the celebrations.

I’m just passing through the city, doing a few days of sightseeing. This is the perfect example of a new pastime in a modern world: City Hopping. 40 years ago, who in their sane mind would within two months travel around the world and spend just a day or a few in cities as versatile as Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Adelaide, or Singapore? Furthermore, it doesn’t even seem that strange anymore.

Given, not everyone does this, and I am, admittedly, lucky to be able to travel this much.

But it still tells me something about the world in 2005. As modern-day individuals we should be able to navigate pretty much anywhere, anytime. One day you’re working in Sydney, the next, you’re shopping in Singapore, the next again you’re going to church in Denmark.

And the tendency applies to relationships as well. You meet new people all the time and congregate with a lot of very different groups, depending on your mood, work requirements, desires, etc. As a result you may have hundreds of acquantiances, but few very close friends.

This is the world today. Good or bad? Probably neither, but it’s not a bad thing to ponder the consequences.


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Singapore!”

  1. ah. but with the internet and blogging, suddenly complete strangers know your whereabouts.

    heard from mel you were in sg. awww, she shd have given u my number then i could have arranged to have someone give you a good and proper tour. as it is, i’m glad you dropped by during this festively patriotic time.

  2. hi faith-t 🙂 i am actually here for the duration of today, so if you’re not busy i’d be happy to meet with “complete stranger” for lunch or dinner or sth…

    oh, and how to get in touch… send me an sms on +45 29273312… i know i shouldn’t have published that – maybe i’ll delete it tomorrow 😉

  3. in a way it’s really bad. I sometimes wish we weren’t as global as we are now. It’s just so hard to meet people and then have to say goodbye!

    I’ve got friends from all over the world whom I’m really close to and I only get to meet them once a year, if even! It doesn’t bode well for the soul…

    Then again, if we weren’t as global, I would never have met them so hmm….a catch 22 situation here…

  4. by the way, you are too trusting Kenneth.

    How are you sure that Faith isn’t some axe-wielding mass murderer?

    I wouldn’t trust her in the dark myself! 😉

  5. Totally with you mel – having friends all over the world, although rewarding, can be challenging. But what can we do about it… I don’t find travelling less a good option either 🙂

    And yeah, maybe I am too trusting… somehow I didn’t expect your friends to be axe-murderers 😉

  6. the height of MY stupidity.. i didn’t leave MY number for u to call me, kenneth. ARGH!

    and i didn’t check your message board yesterday… lemme send u an sms now to see what’s up…

    mebbe i shd bring u eat authenicl home cooked Indian Food! Give you the stomach burns while on your long flight to wherever next. HEE!!

    and no, i’m not an axe wielding murderer… unless by axe you mean “tease mel until she goes red” and by “wielding” you mean “everytime i get the chance”… then yes.


  7. Doh! You missed me 😦 I’m sitting at Heathrow right now and waiting for the final leg back to Denmark.

    Oh well, maybe next time I’m Singapore we’ll have lunch – I have no idea when that is though…

  8. OR… when i pop down to sydney at the end of this year! will u be there? mel says ur parents work there. and have u properly met mel? oh i can cook pretty decent dishes! u shd come eat when i cook for mel. i intend to make sure she gets all the weight she lost, back on her bones!

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