Erotic Bible Stories

Last month, Mel had a link to The Brick Testamenta pretty cool site with a guy who’s illustrated Bible stories by use of Lego blocks. They are pretty well-made and mostly funny, although some might raise an eybrow over the explicit sexual content. (But hey, it’s in the Bible.)

Now a youth group from a German church takes it one step further, using real-life models. They have compiled a 2006 calendar with illustrated, erotic scenes from the Bible. BBC has the story. It’s bound to attract some attention.

The calendar has its own website at If you understand German, check it outnot surprisingly, the forum has a lot of entries, some praising, some vehemently opposing.

I don’t quite know what to make of it myself. Maybe I should place an orderthey’d make great Christmas presents 🙂 But seriously, is this doing mostly good or harm? I honestly don’t know.

What do you think?


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

4 thoughts on “Erotic Bible Stories”

  1. I’m just wondering why’d they choose to focus on nudity of all biblical issues? I mean, if you’re really interested in looking at naked ladies, why would you go to the bible? Rather than some dirty magazine?

    Personally, I think nudity is one of the least relevant subjects of the bible – but I must admit though, that it’s kind of interesting in stories like the Fall of Man and … Well, I think that’s about it.

  2. They’re probably saying: if people want to look at naked ladies, they might as well learn a Bible story while they’re at it… Question is, will it work?

    I agree that nudity is pretty much a non-issue in the Bible, but we have to admit that in the real world, it’s a sure hit.

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