See Amid the Winter’s Snow

It has snowed heavily today in Denmark. The air is filled with falling flakes, and the ground covered with a beautiful white carpet already an inch thick. On my way home tonight I came to think of Caswall’s beautiful Christmas carol:

See amid the winter’s snow,
Born for us on earth below;
See the tender Lamb appears,
Promis’d from eternal years:

Even as we are hastily approaching equinox, and birds are trying to break through with their timid voices, winter seems stubbornly unwilling to retreat. Will it ever end?

As we watch’d at dead of night,
Lo, we saw a woundrous light;
Angels singing “Peace on earth”
Told us of the Saviour’s birth.

Denmark’s Princess Alexandra once remarked that that she found it odd that here everybody talks about the weather. In Hong Kong, where she grew up, the weather is pretty much always the same, so nobody talks about it.

I believe the weather will change. I believe in spring, even though the groundhog apparently saw his shadow this year. I believe that this world is coming to an end. Spring is on the way. Aslan is coming.

Hail, thou everblessed morn!
Hail, redemption’s happy dawn!
Sing through all Jerusalem,
Christ is born in Bethlehem.

Why? Not because the Earth’s axis is not perpendicular to its orbital plane, causing seasons to occur. No, because of Jesus Christ, who was God but became Man to show us His love and His grace.

Teach, O teach us, Holy Child,
By thy face so meek and mild,
Teach us to resemble thee,
In thy sweet humility.


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

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