A New Alliance

A new political party was born today in Denmark, founded by MP Naser Khader. Khader was born and raised in Syria, but immigrated to Denmark with his family at the age 11. He has been one of the most prominent public figures the last two years, speaking out against extremism and for a democratic, peaceful version of Islam.

The new party has its roots in social liberalism and social conservatism, aiming to build bridges between right-leaning economic policy and an open-minded, non-racist, globalized worldview. I applaud the initiative.

In the opening press conference, some of the statements were:

We are tired of politics nearly always being about conflicts, contradictions, and finding faults with others. We think politics should be more about beliefs, vision, values, hopes, and dreams.

We believe that many would like so see a government that takes its roots in the middle of Danish politics so the wings have less say. And not many parties today work towards cooperation, unity, and bridge building.

The party will build on what unites rather than what divides. The agenda for Denmark should be set by people who think of society as a whole, and not by extremists or egoists.

Denmark needs something to hope for – something to cooperate in.

(From nyalliance.dk, my translations)

Now switch to the church and the earlier mentioned crisis. In little more than a week, the Seventh-day Adventist Church will meet for session. A lot of issues are up in the air, people on several sides being disgruntled with the current leadership, people leaving the church, and many waiting in apprehension.

What the church needs is a new alliance. We also need to work on what unites rather than what divides. The agenda for the church should not be set by extremists. We should collectively stop listening to the freaks, and move on, move forward. Being a church should be about beliefs, vision, values, hopes, and dreams.

If he were a Christian, Naser Khader would make a great union president.


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

5 thoughts on “A New Alliance”

  1. I fully aggree. Just wonder…how God’s gonna do it??? With such different views on the world, the gospel and the church – we all need to be silent and listen to one another and consider the other just as sincere in his or her faith to Christ as we are ourselves. Distrust has become the major of unity.

  2. Yes, and unfortunately none of the sides has a monopoly on distrust. Every time you create a scale, people on either side are in danger of believing their standpoint/beliefs/way of doing things is the “right one”, cf. my next post.

    In order do be united in diversity, not divided in unity, the first step is acknowledging that diversity. And that goes for all of us.

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