Nobody’s Perfect

Summer is drawing to an end. As always, there’s been lots of weddings, not the least my own. And weddings are, like almost no other occasions, an opportunity to talk up someone (usually the bride, secondly the groom). There is no end to all the good deeds, traits, looks, experiences, or karma of the main person of the day. Nobody wanting come short, everyone tries to surpass each other in sucking up to… ahem, celebrating that particular couple. Which is all fine and well… if it were all true, that is.

The sad fact is, that while we may be happy on our wedding day, we are no more perfect than the day before. We still have our bad habits, our bad manners, our bad tempers, our bad hair days, and our bad breath. We honestly don’t believe all those compliments given in the mood of celebration.

Depending on how close we feel to the person of honour, we may choose to believe some of it. After all, a certain degree of affection does usually make us see everything in a better light. If not (or if we’re just in a cynical mood), we’re filled with an urge to lift the veil on the kind words and show them for the bull that they really are.

We should be nice to people. There’s no need to flash other peoples’ faults in their face. And I’m happy that nobody did that to me at my wedding. But seriously, guys, we’re not all that great people, any of us. So why keep on pretending? Weddings can be fun, especially dressing up and eating delicious food. But to be honest, I’m glad it’s over for now.


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

2 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect”

  1. Den 5. august i år skrev Lines mor en forsinket “Tillykke med bryllupsdagen”-sms, og beklagede i øvrigt forsinkelsen(/-glemmelsen).

    -“Hov ja, det er da rigtigt, udbrød Line”, da hun sad ved siden af mig ude på altanen og læste sms’en, “Det glemte vi da helt i går!?”
    -“Glemte hvad?”, spurgte jeg nysgerrigt.

    …man skulle jo ellers tro, at vi af alle personer burde kunne huske en dato, vi to år i træk var blevet gift på, men det står åbenbart lidt svagt til her to år senere… (Er dog glad for, at det ikke kun var mig :D)

    “Køb blomster, køb blomster”

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