How to Handle a Death Eater in Your Home

I had a dream last night. One that I actually remembered afterwards.

I was Harry Potter. I was sitting with Ron in the living room of his parents’ place. Ron had made a new friend, and this friend had come over to hang out with the both of us. After a while, however, I grew suspicious of the friend. On a hunch, I decided to examine his forearm for marks. He did not take lightly to this, the suspicion was confirmed, and Ron rushed over to hold his other arm and draw back his sleeve. Thus we could confirm that Ron’s new friend was, in fact, a death eater.

Now, what happened next was interesting. We instantly through the guy of the door, telling him never to return, disgusted at having harboured an enemy within our walls. I literally cried out on the shoulder of Ron’s mum, muttering something like, “They’re everywhere!” That was pretty much the dream.

Afterwards, I realised that it was a very stupid thing to do, and not very Harry Potter-like. Letting the man go meant that he would immediately report back on our position, and within minutes the house would be swarming with more death eaters. The real Harry Potter would not have shown ignorant mercy; he would have questioned the enemy, and perhaps held him a prisoner. In my despair, however, I completely forgot about the risk.

What does that say about me? Perhaps it means I am the kind of person who would rather shut out the problems, hope they go away by themselves, and cry out in despair in the safety of my home. But then again, interpreting dreams is a tricky business. Most likely, it means nothing.


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

5 thoughts on “How to Handle a Death Eater in Your Home”

  1. Jeg føler mig totalt udenfor!

    1) Jeg er ikke sej til engelsk
    2) Jeg har ikke set Harry Potter
    og frem for alt:
    3) I min avatar har jeg ikke en skrå linje igennem mit hoved. (Er det sådan en bande-ting, I har?)

  2. 1) Men du forstår det dog. Du er væsentlig sejere til engelsk, end jeg er til tysk – hvis man kan stille det op på den måde. Man er som altid velkommen til at kommentere på dansk 🙂
    2) Det kan der jo rimelig nemt rådes bod på. De er ret gode. Du kan tilmed låne dem af mig.
    3) Her føler jeg mig udenfor. Hvad er det for en linje? Er det sådan én, man ikke kan købe eller sælge uden at have i sin pande? Jeg kan ikke lige set det.

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