Highlights of 2011

Once again, it is time to look back. And compared to one year ago, my outlook this time is entirely positive.

2011 ends on a high note, and a lot of this has to do with work. A year ago, I was unemployed and frustrated. But after many months of waiting, I finally came through in June and landed a job with one the most attractive employers in the country. Not only that, I have come to know many wonderful colleagues, and it seems like my work has created good results and made lasting impressions.

Eleonora Maersk 05

To me, this outshines the period spent without a job, and most of the bad experiences of the year (though not all). Travelwise, 2011 has been very lean compared to the previous decade. Also, church-related activities have unfortunately declined in importance, quality, and frequency. Thus, there is always room for improvement, but as we turn the page tonight, we are looking at yet another clean slate – full of opportunities.

My highlights of the past year:

  • Blue sapphire wedding celebration (krondiamantbryllup) of Katrine’s grandparents (June)
  • Carlie and Devon visiting Denmark (April)
  • Choir experiences with Camerata: Vivaldi’s Gloria; the Messiah; Norwegian choir visiting; and much more
  • Dining out in many new places
  • Graduation party for Kamilla and Richard, Møn (August)
  • Guest lecturing at Andrews University on the story of Aarhus Café Church (January)
  • Helle and Erik’s wedding (April)
  • ”ID Light” – study group at regen church (spring)
  • Long weekend away in the holiday house (October)
  • Mum and Dad in Denmark for the summer (July)
  • Mum’s 60th birthday (January)
  • Niels Lan Doky concert, Tivoli (July)
  • Preaching/presenting for theme day on church and internet, Aalborg (October)
  • Running – stats: total 898.5 km; 82h 50m 26s; avg. speed of 10.8 km/h
  • Running the Eremitage Race for the first time (November)
  • Small group
  • Three days in New York City (January)
  • Visiting the port terminal and the world’s largest containership, Aarhus (November)
  • Working at Maersk Line (since June)

Happy New Year!


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

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