Highlights of 2013

Every year on this blog, I try to capture the essence of the year that has passed. These posts, dating back to 2005, are not the most read or commented features by any measure. Perhaps they drown in the multitude of end-of-year reckonings that people are flooded with. Or perhaps my life is not really that interesting to other people. Regardless, the tradition endures, if nothing else for my own narcissistic satisfaction.

22 weeks

2013 has been another good year, not the least with abundant travels. My tally for this year is 10 countries, a tie for the first place. Two new ones were added to the list: South Korea and Monaco.

The most important thing that happened in 2013, however, was actually a precursor to the actual event in 2014: the delivery of our first child, scheduled for April. This will of course alter our lives forever, in ways great and small, imaginable and unimaginable. Stay tuned.

The highlights of 2013, in short form:

  • Birthday dinner for Mum (January)
  • Celebrating Norway’s Constitution Day in Oslo (May)
  • Cooking for 45 young people at church retreat (November)
  • Cooking great food at home (as often as possible)
  • Easter break in Paris (March)
  • Flying business class to Korea (June)
  • Katrine being pregnant
  • Katrine’s 30th birthday (May)
  • My fifth season singing The Messiah (December)
  • Running
  • Ski trip to Norway (March)
  • Summer holiday in southern France (June-July)
  • Triple-E (the world’s largest ship) naming ceremony in Busan, Korea (June)
  • Triple-E event in Copenhagen (September)
  • Visiting my parents in Michigan (October)
  • Weekend trip to Jutland (August)
  • Working for Maersk Line (every day)

Happy New Year!


Author: Kenneth Mollerup Birch

Living north of Copenhagen, Denmark. MA in Information Science. Interests include communication, internet, sociology, language, politics, religion, theology, travel, music, and food.

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