You Abide

Of all the many choices
That face my novice mind,
Of all the many voices
That vary greatly in kind,
But one has shown the clout
To stop me in my stride,
But one leaves me without doubt –
‘Tis you, my darling; you abide.

This world has been my home,
An endless passing through,
In transit I would roam
In search of Xanadu.
At long last I have found
That place where I can hide,
I leave the world behind,
But you, my darling, you abide.

I may fly across the desert
Or sail across the sea,
But nothing is as blessed
And sanctified to me
As knowing that indeed,
Regardless of the tide,
The oceans will recede
And you, my darling, will abide.

Our ever-changing fates
May falter and decay,
If e’er my luck abates
I wish for you to stay.
No matter what time will do,
I’ll keep you at my side.
This one thing I pray of you:
Please, my darling, do abide.

My fears have melted away
Like feeble april snow.
I know that you will stay –
That’s all I need to know.
Our love will always be intact,
And this I do confide:
I place my refuge in the fact
That you, my darling, you abide.

(20.5.8 )

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